Golden Hill 4 Units For Sale! HUGE Upside Potential!

HUGE UPSIDE POTENTIAL! These 4 units are located in the transitioning neighborhood of Golden Hill. Many properties in this neighborhood have undergone renovation to generate huge cash flow, and this property can be next! It's extremely well located, just across the street from Golden Hill Elementary and has both access from C st and a rear alley. Pictures don't do this property justice! Call today … [Read more...]

Linda Vista Duplex For Sale! 3 bd in each unit!

It's a rarity to see duplexes hit the market in the Linda Vista area, especially with 3 bredroom units! An additional rarity is the large sized lot with potential to add a unit with RM-1-1 zoning! The lot also features alley access and 2 driveway accesses: an ideal setup for building additions. Seller recently completed $30k in renovations for unit 2348 which makes this property perfect for … [Read more...]

Encinitas Duplex For Sale! Walk to the beach!

Encinitas duplex perfect for families, second home buyers, or investors alike! This property is just steps from the beach, restaurants and more! It's fairly rare for an Encinitas duplex to go on sale, especially west of the 101. Here are the Encinitas duplex highlights: Front Unit: 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, fully renovated with private yard Rear Unit: 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, huge outdoor patio … [Read more...]

San Diego 2-4 Units Qtr Report – 1st Quarter 2017

The 2016 San Diego 2-4 Units 1st Quarter Report (Jan 1 – Mar 31, 2017) consists of the following data/charts. First QUARTER 2017 VS FOURTH QUARTER 2016 PRICES The overall data shows a nice 5% median growth from the previous quarter. Although the average price dropped by 2%, there may have been some outliers in the duplex data that dragged the average down. Median data seems to be more commonly … [Read more...]

Buying a 2-4 Unit Property for Milennials and First Time Home Buyers

As specialists in the field of 2-4 unit properties, we are seeing a growing trend of Millennials seeking a duplex, triplex, or fourplex property as their first home instead of a single family home. It makes much more financial sense, so we are not surprised at all. However, there are many hurdles to overcome when buying your first home, whether you are a Millennial or not. The graphic below is … [Read more...]

San Diego 2-4 Units Qtr Report – 4th Quarter 2016

The 2016 San Diego 2-4 Units 4th Quarter Report (Oct 1 – Dec 31, 2016) consists of the following data/charts. THIRD QUARTER 2016 VS FOURTH QUARTER 2016 PRICES Surprisingly, the last quarter of 2016 showed a considerable increase in price from the previous quarter. This is interesting because the 4th quarter of the year typically tends to show a dip in … [Read more...]

Loan Limits Increase for 2017!

The conforming loan limits have increased for 2017! If you're considering purchasing a property in 2017, this is great news! Take a look!       To learn more about the conforming loan limits and what this might mean for you, please contact us anytime! CALL US! (858) 449-1253 or email LAWRENCE@DUPLEXSANDIEGO.COM   … [Read more...]

2-4 Units for the Multigenerational Household

The housing landscape of America has changed vastly over the years in many ways. Among those many ways is the growing trend toward the multigenerational household (see image below). For numerous reasons, Americans are embracing the concept of housing family and loved ones from multiple generations under one roof. For some, this can be a challenging living arrangement. That's where a duplex, … [Read more...]

San Diego 2-4 Units Qtr Report – 3rd Quarter 2016

The 2016 San Diego 2-4 Units 3rd Quarter Report (Jul 1 – Sep 30, 2016) consists of the following data/charts. SECOND QUARTER 2016 VS Third QUARTER 2016 PRICES When assessing the price changes from the second quarter compared to the first quarter, it's an evident mixed bag of increases and decreases. Even the median and average figures are conflicting when you look at the 2-4 unit market as a … [Read more...]

Should I Renovate Before I Sell?

A very common debate that San Diego 2-4 unit property owners have is whether or not to renovate their property right before selling in order to yield a higher net profit. Should I renovate before I sell? If you're thinking of selling your duplex, triplex, or fourplex, you may be better off selling the property in its current condition than investing thousands of dollars in renovations. This may … [Read more...]