Linda Vista Duplex For Sale! 3 bd in each unit!

It's a rarity to see duplexes hit the market in the Linda Vista area, especially with 3 bredroom units! An additional rarity is the large sized lot with potential to add a unit with RM-1-1 zoning! The lot also features alley access and 2 driveway accesses: an ideal setup for building additions. Seller recently completed $30k in renovations for unit 2348 which makes this property perfect for … [Read more...]

San Diego 2-4 Units Qtr Report – 1st Quarter 2017

The 2016 San Diego 2-4 Units 1st Quarter Report (Jan 1 – Mar 31, 2017) consists of the following data/charts. First QUARTER 2017 VS FOURTH QUARTER 2016 PRICES The overall data shows a nice 5% median growth from the previous quarter. Although the average price dropped by 2%, there may have been some outliers in the duplex data that dragged the average down. Median data seems to be more commonly … [Read more...]

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Buying or selling a 2-4 unit property? Our FREE consultation is 100% no hassle, no obligation, and includes the following: FOR BUYERS: We explain the entire purchase process from beginning to end. Review the best 2-4 unit lending options for you Recommend the best neighborhoods and property types to fit your needs. Review various tenant, rental income, and cash flow scenarios … [Read more...]

San Diego 2-4 Units Qtr Report – 3rd Quarter 2016

The 2016 San Diego 2-4 Units 3rd Quarter Report (Jul 1 – Sep 30, 2016) consists of the following data/charts. SECOND QUARTER 2016 VS Third QUARTER 2016 PRICES When assessing the price changes from the second quarter compared to the first quarter, it's an evident mixed bag of increases and decreases. Even the median and average figures are conflicting when you look at the 2-4 unit market as a … [Read more...]

Sell your home to buy a duplex, triplex, fourplex?

We often are asked, does it make sense to sell your home to buy a duplex, triplex, fourplex?The answer is not the same for every homeowner, but it may be right for you. Why would a homeowner consider such a move you ask? Here are some common reasons along with some notes to consider: The homeowner is looking to offset the cost of a mortgage with supplemental rental income: There are … [Read more...]

North Park Triplex! Privacy, Cash Flow, Beautiful Condition!

3110 32nd St, San Diego, CA 92104 This is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to own 3 beautifully maintained units w/ 4 garaged parking spots on a VERY PRIVATE lot! It's rare that a property like this comes on the market. Privacy and Nature in a Prime Location: Most buyers feel like they have choose between nature/privacy and a great metro San Diego location. This property has BOTH! This property is so … [Read more...]

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Duplex For Your First Home

Why Buy a Duplex for your First Home? With the middle class shrinking and home ownership becoming more unaffordable for the average American, more aspiring homeowners are looking to housing solutions that make more financial sense (see C.A.R. article below). Many of these first time buyers are finding that duplexes are the solution. Important note: when we say "Duplexes", this article actually … [Read more...]

South Park Duplex For Sale! HUGE Potential!

1714-1716 32nd St, San Diego, CA 92102 Rare South Park Duplex built in the mid-century and in excellent condition. There is substantial opportunity to build value and increase rents! See the highlights below or click here to see full listing details! 2 units- well maintained condition! Perfect for those looking to move in one unit and rent the other, or for investors looking for a … [Read more...]

Linda Vista Duplex For Sale

If you're looking for a duplex to live in and rent the other, this might be the perfect fit for you! It's rare to have a duplex for sale in this central part of town. To find a duplex in a central part of town with a large lot, good sq footage, in a great condition, and at an affordable price is extremely hard to find. This fits all that criteria and also has the lot size and zoning potential to … [Read more...]

San Diego 2-4 Units Qtr Report – 4th Quarter 2015

The 2015 San Diego 2-4 Units 4th Quarter Report (Oct 1 – Dec 31, 2015) consists of the following data/charts. Third QUARTER 2015 VS Fourth QUARTER 2015 Prices There was a price decrease in nearly every segment of the San Diego 2-4 units category. This is a contrast to the robust growth we've seen in every quarter this year. This fourth quarter shows an overall reduction of price by 8 … [Read more...]