Lawrence was professional, gracious and pleasant to deal with in person and responsive and reliable in helping us complete our transaction from afar.  He is knowledgable about investment and personal real estate and the uniquenesses of the San Diego area. We connected with Lawrence on a bit of a whim, when another agent failed to keep a scheduled appointment. It was a fortuitous connection and we would use his services again in a second.

~ Anna S.

Lawrence was amazing.  I knew I wanted to work with him right away because of the high quality advice he gave me upfront.   Of the ten agents that I considered working with, he was the only one who truly understood the financial cash flow considerations, and knew the investment property market inside and out.

…Lawrence also provided great advice on what things I might want to fix up in a cost effective manner as I was trying to determine what new rental rates the property might eventually be able to bring in.  When the purchase was complete, he even gave me a list of vendors he uses in his properties.

All said, I can’t recommend Lawrence highly enough.
I’m looking forward to working with him again in my next purchase.

~ Michael A.

I felt confident that I was in good hands with this company…

~ Ronnie K.

Lawrence’s professionalism, honesty, negotiating skills and attention to detail make him a rare find and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a property in San Diego.
~ Erin A.

Our deal would not have gotten done without Lawrence. He is very knowledgeable, smart and is able to communicate effectively with title, lenders and other agents in order to get the job done. I am very pleased that we went with Lawrence to represent us on our deal.
~ Rachel R.

We were very fortunate for having you as our Realtor. Thank you very much for all your hard work and for making the whole process as smooth as possible. You did an outstanding job. Thanks again.
~ Maribel L.

I had peace of mind and a feeling of security in knowing that my realty team members knew what they were doing.

Quite an impressive job! Well done from start to finish!
~ C. Dizon

We appreciate you working hard to make it all work successfully, even though it was a very complicated transaction. Again thank you very much. It couldn’t work without you.
~ Siharath’s

I’ve known Lawrence for a long time. He is an excellent Agent and has represented me and members of my family on a number of transactions. I have recommended him to friends and is my go to Agent if I have any questions about properties around San Diego. I’ve worked with him in the past and am always looking for an opportunity to work with him again.
~ Conrado G.

LOOK NO FURTHER !!! This guy gets it done ! 3 real estate people and 4 lenders later, he was the one that got it done for me ! Go with the Lender Lawrence uses ! The Guy Knows his stuff ! It was not that the other Realtors were inept, its that they were not as persistent as Lawrence. At the beginning, I told him exactly what I was looking for, and my price range. Took like 4 months, cause the wife got picky… (glad she did), but he got it done. I am now a Home Owner… Just got my keys yesterday…Woo Hoo !!
~ Ignacio R.

I had the pleasure of working with Lawrence on a recent transaction in South Park. He represented the seller, and I represented the buyer. Lawrence was very accessible, fair, easy to get along with and a complete professional the entire time. Always handled all situations calmly and sought to find solutions that satisfied both parties. He also had great rapport with the current tenants of the duplex, which was critical to making the tenant occupied transaction go smoothly. Hope to work with Lawrence again soon!
~ Gregory S.

Lawrence specializes in multi-unit properties and he really knows his stuff. He was highly recommended to us by total strangers whom we met when my husband who works for the gas company went to turn on their gas and electric at their new two-unit purchase through Lawrence. They couldn’t stop raving about Lawrence and so we thought what the heck, let’s give him a call. We’re so glad we did?

We found, as did many other yelpers, that Lawrence is professional and knowledgeable about the real estate market and you can trust his opinion. Lawrence listened to what we wanted and where we wanted it and tailored his searches accordingly so we didn’t have to wade through properties we had no interest in. Although we were extremely picky and continually had him refresh our searches to get the latest and greatest, he was always accommodating and responsive and never was impatient with us. Definitely very easy to work with.

We had somewhat of a hellish escrow because not only were there several delays – none of which were our fault – but also the seller’s agent was a total jerk. Lawrence was able to work with that and keep the sale on track even though at times the seller’s agent wanted to bail on us. In fact, Lawrence was so great that the seller himself asked for Lawrence’s business card because the seller’s son was about to start looking for a property to purchase and the seller thought Lawrence would be the perfect person to help guide his son.

Seriously now, don’t delay. Give Lawrence a call. You will not be sorry.
~ Laurie H.